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Benefits of Glucosamine in Liquid Form

Glucosamine is available in four forms, injectable, solid, liquid and cream. From a chemical perspective, one of the best ways to take glucosamine is to inject daily doses into your joints. If that’s not possible (i.e. if you, like most people, detest pricking yourself with needles and the risk of infection) the next best alternative is to drink high quality, concentrated liquid glucosamine. It should be noted that other ingredients aside, a cream form of glucosamine is a complete waste of money as no reliable studies have shown glucosamine to be directly absorbed through the skin.

Because our body assimilates liquid faster than a solid (ie., pill form), the delivery of the formula occurs faster if glucosamine is taken in liquid form. Not only does the liquid form get to work faster, but there is some anecdotal evidence that the liquid form is more effective than pills.

Also, the bioavailability (degree to which or rate at which a drug or other substance is absorbed) of the formula increases when it is delivered to the body in liquid form. That’s another reason why liquid glucosamine works faster than pills. Instead of waiting for months, glucosamine in a liquid form starts working within 1-2 weeks for most people.

Glucosamine pills also contain huge amounts of wasteful fillers, chelating agents, stabilizers, coatings and binders. In most cases, the glucosamine used in these pills is generally of unknown quality. In contrast, pure liquid glucosamine is a "distilled" form of glucosamine, which leads to faster absorption, more relief, less waste and, of course, ultimately better results. Best of all, a liquid glucosamine is extremely affordable, generally under a dollar a day.

Administering glucosamine liquids is also a far easier process for humans and pets. Simply drink or mix it with your favorite beverage. Most liquid glucosamine formulas are easily soluble in water, a soft drink or fruit juice. In pets, liquid is by far the #1 preferred way of administering glucosamine. Simply pour it over your pet's food. No angry biting and scratching while you are trying to cram a pill down your best friend’s throat.