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What is Osteoarthritis?

If you are a middle-aged man or woman, or an athlete of any age, who has started to notice mild to severe pain in your joints, you may be among the estimated 20 million Americans suffering from the most common form of degenerative joint disease: osteoarthritis.

In fact, researchers estimate that if a person lives past the age of 50, he or she will almost certainly develop at least a minor form of the disease. There are many kinds of osteoarthritis, which simply means an inflammation and deterioration of the joints.

Your body has over 206 bones. Holding your bones together are ligaments that connect your 100 joints – all of which have the potential to suffer from the painful effects of osteoarthritis. The ends of your bones have a smooth covering called cartilage. This cartilage protects your bones and keeps them from rubbing together.

If the cartilage breaks down, the bones begin grinding away at each other until they no longer function properly and cause pain ranging from mild and infrequent to severely debilitating. This is called osteoarthritis.

Much advancement is being made in the fight against osteoarthritis. Scientists and researchers are continually seeking ways to lessen the pain and suffering patients endure.

Still, your best defense against osteoarthritis is knowledge. Start your journey today of learning how to take care of your body by eating right, exercising, and taking advantage of medicinal developments that may someday offer not only relief but perhaps even a cure. We hope these articles on this site will be a good start for you!